Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bachelor Parties

In the time honored tradition of Bachelor Parties, Scotty (aka the Best Man) took Russ out for a final fling of freedom. The festivities started at Big Al's, a haunt here in Vancouver that we have staked out for the playing of pool and the observance of BYU v. UO (that would be University of Oregon, not the Oklahoma variety) or Seahawk games. The food is always artery clogging and particulary tasty. Reid (Barb and Scott's son-in-law) joined Russ and Scott in a stunning display of prowess.

The evening then took the gents to Dayne's bachelor pad where Sam (the "original" redhead on the Shasta trip) and Dayne hosted a poker game worthy of Russ's skills.

Though it wasn't a rousing success in terms of winnings, the guys had fun.

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