Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

It's official! Russ is knocking on the door of the BIG ONE. . .the birthday that means he has been on this earth for a full half a century. In one year, he will be 50! As one who turned 40 not long ago, I can say with confidence, that, aside from the fact that it is harder than it used to be to work out, it doesn't really feel like we are getting older. Our kids do seem to be getting taller and have deeper voices, though, so I suppose we must be aging.

On the actual DAY that Russ turned 49 (December 18), we were in Sacramento celebrating Amber's graduation (look for the blog titled "Amberific" in the next couple of days). As is Mom Eade's tradition, she and Ray host a lunch or dinner at the restaurant of the honored person's choice, and Russ loves Benihana. The unusual amount of ice and snow (which kept us all pretty much housebound save for Christmas day when Scotty rescued us in the four-wheel drive and chauffered everyone to the Miller home on Prune Hill in Camas) precluded much of a celebration on Russ's behalf, so when a night of rain thawed our part of the world sufficient to get out, we all made the most of it.

We ate until we could eat no more. We took doggy bags and enjoyed the fruits of those leftovers today (well, at least I did). The picture tells the tale. We have, however, promised Scotty that we will attempt to PhotoShop the picture at some point so it doesn't look like he has a Japanese man licking him upside the head. Now. . .all I have to do is make a cake. I'm thinking lemon with chocolate frosting. . .

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Joan said...

Happy Birthday Russ! Joan