Monday, February 2, 2009

Priests, 80th Birthdays, and the Super Bowl

Once again, the weekend seemed to be the highlight. Russ spent the last two days of the week renewing his acquaintance with a colleague whom he respects and appreciates. His boss graciously supported Russ's desire to see how another extremely successful analyst does the job and picked up some insights along the way. He mentioned, though, that he discovered that he and his colleague are apparently sharing a brain--or at least the same tastes in breakfast. Their staple: two hard boiled eggs, a banana, yogurt, and a Starbuck beverage (at least the beverages are different). Given the talent of both of these men, we must conclude that THIS is the breakfast of champions.

Zak and his team competed at Jesuit High School this weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so stellar, so he had to compete without the benefit of me or his dad cheering from the stands. Our hearts were in it, though. He had to leave before he could see the trophies handed out, so he missed the awards and the immediate knowledge that his team had taken first at this tournament. It was a nice supplement to the state title. Also, it meant they beat some Oregon teams that they didn't see in Everett, but who have given them a run for their competitive money.

He was immediately whisked into the big car and taken to The Rheinlander restaurant--a good German eatery in Portland to celebrate Mom/Grandma Eade's 80th birthday. We were serenaded by Adam and a lovable accordionist whose tunes seemed to have the recurrent theme of beer--good German beer. Too bad we're all teetotallers. Props to Barb who suggested the idea. We enjoyed the time with Barb and Scott and their three closest kids, and our two (lovable) miscreants. This was followed by a rousing game of Outburst--which is always guaranteed to cause dissent. The girls won--although it would have only been good form for the men to allow the woman of the day a moment in the sun. We are thankful for good family who are also good friends. Not everyone is so blessed. It appears that all of our pictures will be overseen by portraits in the background. In this case, we were supervised by the head chef of the Rheinlander who, I think, looks suspiciously like Benny Hill.

The weekend was topped off by the Super Bowl. What a party! Because I was feeling so lousy, my wonderful husband went on a mission to round up the jolly, jolly treat most loved by each family member. It was quite a gastronomic--and, frankly, nuclear--spread. I believe that soda, chips and salsa, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Dominos Pizza, and various and sundry candies are probably not meant to be consumed together. Only one of us REALLY had heartburn, though. Russ had to eat humble pie as the Steelers (the overwhelming favorite of most of those in attendance--Barb, Scott, us, David and Zak) made a couple of impossible plays destined to make the game a nail biter to the very end. It's not an exactly scientific study, but we DID notice that when Zak left the room, the momentum shifted and the Cardinals began to manhandle the Steelers a bit. Quick thinking David (who had a side bet going with Russ) went and brought Zak back to the room, and that was all she wrote. Even Russ had to (grudgingly) admit that the Steelers played well. It was the same recognition I had to cough up (in spite of my bitterness over the Seahawks/Steelers game) when they roundly beat my Chargers. Somewhat disconcertingly, I predicted when the Cards had the ball in the end zone in the first half that there would be an interception that would be run back for a touchdown. Who knew it would actually happen AND be for a 100 yard run?!? Perhaps I should change my name to Fatima or some exotic sounding name and hang a shingle out as a psychic. I can see it now. . ."I predict that if you continue to waste money on getting psychics to tell you how to live your life, you will be poor and miserable."

More next week.

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