Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mariners v. Padres

Once again, thanks to Scotty, the Millers and the newly married Kruses donned their Mariner regalia and made the trek to Safeco Field's Hit-it-Here Cafe for our annual Mariners game. Okay, actually, I couldn't lose--either the Mariners would win or the Padres would--and as a former San Diego resident (and hopefully, retiree) there could be no possible downside.
We stopped at our favorite vendor outside of Safeco Field and stocked up on fairly cheap jolly, jolly treats (which included Bottle Caps--a perennial favorite of ours) then made our way to the field after our traditional half-mile hike from the free parking zone. It was a beautiful day and a great game as the Mariners clinched a 4-2 win in a relatively winless season. We had a blast, though, and are already looking forward to next year's game.

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