Thursday, July 3, 2008

In the Summertime

Okay. . .so I have been REMISS in this whole keeping up with the Blog thing. Pictures will follow I promise.

There are a couple of big projects we are working towards:

  • landscaping
  • refinishing a hope chest
  • refinishing an entire dining set (table, chairs, china hutch, and tea cart)
  • finding a "free" hot tub and dragging it to our lair

We currently have Kolby and Kade visiting us (pictures to follow), and that has precipitated some of my projecting.

So here's where we are:

  • Russ made some scale maps of our yard so that we could put our ideas on paper. Now the negotiating begins. Actually, we have the ideas, it is strictly going to be a matter of starting the process.
  • The hope chest was started. I stripped it and, to use Kolby's description, "fabricated the top." Perhaps that would be re-fabricated. I am doing some repair work (where a corner was nibbled on) before I finish the staining process. It's definitely coming together and a picture will be forthcoming.

The other two projects will get their own pictures. Right now, Russ is installing our pool with the help of the boys. The first one was on a tilting slab. . .not the best. . .we have gotten a new, improved version, and the birthday boy is helping to dig a less uneven foundation even as I write.

That's right. . .in case I didn't mention it a while ago, Kolby turned 12 today. We get to enjoy him for his birthday. Lucky us! We are thrilled to be getting the visitation. And we're looking forward to David getting home from a visit with his dad in Boise, ID.

Okay. . .we're caught up for the moment. . .well, almost. . .I'm off to make chicken enchiladas and twisted mac and cheese for our big 4th of July celebration tomorrow with Scott and Barb.

Oh. . .and did I mention? Pictures will follow.

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