Saturday, August 2, 2008

Skamania Lodge and Golfing

Once again, we returned to the scene of the crime: Skamania Lodge. This is the third year we have done a twilight tea time followed by the incredible Friday night buffet. What made this trip different? Two things. For one, this is the first time we went as a married couple. The second: the clouds poured buckets upon us.

Not that it mattered, really. It was the first time Russ and I had gone out golfing since we returned from our honeymoon. I was able to blame my abysmal performance upon both the weather conditions and my lack of play--I really couldn't blame the lessons that Barb and I had taken at Broadmore following my honeymoon. You'll notice that we started with umbrellas. The showers were supposed to be intermittent. Actually, I think there might have been one or two sunbreaks. It was the most sustained intermittent activity I have ever observed.

Eventually, we gave up and went umbrellaless. It was just too much hassle to try and golf, not blow away, and keep the umbrellas centered above us. With the wind, the rain was hitting us anyway, so it seemed wisest to simply concede defeat and Barb and I resigned ourselves to the idea that we were going to have curly hair when we went in to primp prior to dinner. We had enough time that, just for giggles, we redid a couple of our favorite holes and skipped some of our lesser favorites. That is one of the benefits of unlimited holes at twilight tee time. Thank goodness for the invention of hairclips. It was the only thing that saved me from being banned from the dining area on the grounds that other diners would lose their appetites. As usual, the fare was delicious and we had worked up an appetite worthy of the third annual trip.

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